Product Spotlight: Gifts from Westeros, Middle-earth and the Wizarding World
May 22, 2019

Product Spotlight: Gifts from Westeros, Middle-earth and the Wizarding World

Photo: Map of Westeros, c. Tunghoe

Well, the final episode ever of Game of Thrones has arrived. But don’t worry - this post doesn't contain spoilers! Regardless of what you think of this season’s turn of events, it can’t be denied that the cultural impact of HBO’s fantasy series has been huge. Discussions about the Seven Kingdoms have dominated cafes and water coolers since the show’s first episode aired back in 2011, and even before then, George R.R. Martin’s books were widely beloved amongst fantasy fans.

There’s something about epic fantasy tales that has the capacity to captivate the world over. Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re often inspired by myths and legends that stretch way back in history—Celtic lore, Arthurian legend, Greek mythology, Arabian tales and more. Perhaps it’s the universal concepts they explore - good vs. evil, power and politics, romance and adventure. Whatever the reason, Game of Thrones certainly wasn’t the first fantasy franchise to bewitch the world, and nor will it be the last.

Here at Dragonspace, we love these pop cultural tales just as much as we love old mythology and ancient legend. From King's Landing to the Shire, here are some selected treasures we've got in store from our favourite fantasy worlds. 

The Game of Thrones Collection

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Companion Cookbook

You’ll probably be missing the world of Westeros, so why not throw a commiseration feast, using the Official Companion Cookbook from the series? This unique cookbook is endorsed by George R.R. Martin himself, and features recipes like the comfort foods of the frozen North and medieval delicacies of King’s Landing. Not only is this a wonderful way to connect with the worlds of the books, it’s an intriguing look into well-researched cultural fare from throughout history. Sounds delicious!

The Canterbury Goblet

This beautiful pewter goblet is the same make as as featured throughout Game of Thrones, clutched in the hands of some of your favourite characters. The A.E. Williams family have been making pewter since 1779, so you can be assured this is a well-crafted and unique piece. Perfect for a glass of mead or blood-red wine!

Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit

With no modern technology in Westeros, important messages must be sent via tightly-sealed scroll. Play the part of the all-important Hand of the King with your very own wax seal in the official design. Whether you’re sending fate-deciding secrets, or simply catching up with a friend overseas, this traditional seal-and-scroll kit will make you feel like you live in another world, if only for a little while!

The Harry Potter Collection

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter

This is the perfect idea for the creative Harry Potter fan. From jewellry to homewares, this bewitching book contains 30 unique craft ideas inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Examples of crafts found in the book include Butterbeer lip balm, Golden Snitch necklaces and Pygmy Puff bath fizzies. Who needs a visit to Diagon Alley when you can make your own treasures?

Harry Potter Mini-Kits

These adorable mini-kits are the ideal gift idea for Potterheads that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s colouring, stickering or prop replicas, these compact kits are a lovely little token of the magic of the wizarding world - including the new world of the Fantastic Beasts film series! Golden Snitches, Bowtruckles, Hogwarts castles, wands and more - these are sure to delight.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Unless you've recently been to London, chances are you haven’t been able to visit the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library. But never fear - this beautiful book is the official companion to the exhibition, containing all the collection's wonders in paper form. The collection not only includes artefacts from the franchise - such as old manuscripts, sketches and more - but is a fascinating look at the real-life history and mythology that inspired J.K. Rowling. Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or simply a mythology geek or bibliophile, you’ll find something to appreciate in this fascinating tome.

The Lord of The Rings Collection

Elven Ring of Power

Before the Iron Throne, there were the Rings of Power from Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle-earth. This Elven version is a bit less sinister than the One Ring - it’s inscribed with the sentence "To encircle all without beginning or end" in Tolkien’s beautiful Elvish language. Made from sterling silver with a smooth thick set, this is a meaningful and lasting trinket for all Lord of the Rings fans.

Lord of the Rings Character Swords

Tolkien’s tales of Middle-earth are filled with danger and battle, so weapons are integral to the stories. Here’s your chance to wield the blades of Tolkien’s heros, from Arwen’s elegant sword Hadhafang to Legolas’s awesome fighting knives and Frodo's dainty but fierce Sting. With no orcs to fight in the real world, these decorative swords and daggers are sure to impress when displayed in pride of place on your walls.

David Day’s Tolkien Companion Books

David Day is a Tolkien scholar who has dedicated years to intricately understanding the world of Middle-earth. His Tolkien companion books - The Battles of Tolkien, The Heroes of Tolkien, An Atlas of Tolkien, and A Dictionary of Tolkien - explore different layers of Tolkien’s world, accompanied by insightful commentary by David. With vivid flexibound covers, these books are a beautiful addition to any Tolkien fan’s library.


The richness of well-imagined fantasy worlds means that we can spend years and years exploring them and never get bored! Hopefully some of these tomes and treasures help feed your appetite for more Westeros, Middle-earth and wizardry.

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