Dragonspace Christmas Gift Guide 2019
December 06, 2019

Dragonspace Christmas Gift Guide 2019

It’s heeeere, the magic season! Bells are ringing, lights are lit, and trees are strung. Now it’s time to pour yourself a mug of eggnog or a bubbling potion, and start thinking about the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Yuletide.

Below you'll find a list of thoughtful Dragonspace gift ideas for the fantasy and magic fan in your life. We’ve got a wide range of gifts available online, ready to be shipped across Canada and the USA. And if you’re in the Vancouver area, please do stop into the store on Granville Island to browse our treasures and say Merry Christmas in person! The dragons love visitors.



With 2020 right on the doorstep, a magical calendar or datebook is the perfect gift for Christmas. We’ve got a range of fantasy and spirituality themed 2020 products in store now, but a warning that these tend to sell out fast!

Some of our popular calendars include the Llewellyn Astrological Calendar, the Alchemy Gothic Calendar, and Paolo Barbieri’s Unicorns Calendar. Our Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2020 is also a bestseller - filled with witchy tips, recipes and reflections for the year ahead.

You can view the whole 2020 collection here. 



2019 was a year of amazing fantasy story-telling. We had the Game of Thrones finale, the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premiere, and the announcement that there’ll soon be a new Middle-earth story hitting our screens from Amazon. We’ve expanded our pop culture collection in store to celebrate all this exciting fantasy content, and these products would make a memorable gift for the pop culture fan in your life.

We’ve got some incredible new puzzles in stock, featuring Labyrinth and Wizarding World themes, among others. Our swords and weapons collection feature replicas from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. We’ve also got collectible coffee table books like Dungeons and Dragons: Art & Arcana, the Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia and the beautiful Harry Potter Wand Collection.

You can view our whole fantasy pop culture collection here.



After Christmas dinner has been eaten and gifts have been unwrapped, that’s when the games make their appearance! Playing games is a part of many Christmas traditions, so these stunning and unique chess sets are the perfect gift and activity for the holidays. 

Our themed chess sets are made of solid resin and hand-painted with intricate details. The pieces each stand on a wide base lined with velvet. The more traditionally minded might like our Knights in Armour set, while those with quirkier tastes would prefer our Alice in Wonderland or Robin Hood themed sets. Note: for these sets, boards are sold separately.

We’ve also got a gorgeous King Arthur and Camelot themed board, featuring characters like Merlin, Guinevere and dragons cast in silver and bronze painted resin, complete with a beautiful glass board.

You can view all our chess sets here.



With the New Year approaching, this is the perfect time to give the gift of divination. Divination is the practice of delving into future possibilities to help make important decisions in the present.

Our most popular divinatory tools are our tarot cards. We’ve got tarot cards to suit every personality and preference, from fantasy-themed to animals and nature; witchy Wiccan to simple and traditional. All decks come with an instructional booklet to help get started. You can read more about tarot and oracle reading here.

We’ve also got a range of pendulums, which are another method of divining the future and helping to make decisions. The pendulum bodies are carved out of mystical gemstones and hung from sturdy chains. You can read more about the art of pendulum magic here.

Another great divination gift idea is our rune sets. Runes are an ancient Nordic form of divination, involving casting stones etched with ancient rune symbols. Our rune sets are carved into gemstone settings and come in a drawstring bag. You can read more about rune divination here.

We've also got a number of books on divination here, which would be the ideal accompaniment to any divination starter kit.



If you’re looking for some smaller items to fill stockings this year, then we’ve got a number of magical items to choose from. Our creative mini kits are small and compact gifts that offer fun activities or memorable tokens to collect. We’ve got Harry Potter and Game of Thrones themed kits, as well as quirky ideas like Finger Yoga, tattoo kits, Zen Gardening, mini crystal balls and more.

Incense is also always a popular stocking stuffer, and it makes everything smell divine! We’ve got traditional stick incense in a variety of scents, as well as incense cones, resin incense and sage sticks and smudges

And there you have it, a few magical gift ideas to suit every budget and personality this Yuletide! This is just a small selection of what we've got in store - other popular gifts include our fantasy statues, sterling silver jewelry and our diverse New Age book collection.

If you have any questions or are looking for gift ideas, please do get in touch! And once again, if you're in the area, pop in to see our collection and our beautiful Christmas tree in person.

From Dragonspace, wishing you all a very merry and magical holiday season and looking forward to an enchanted 2020!

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