Product Spotlight: Fairy Statues
September 30, 2019

Product Spotlight: Fairy Statues

No matter the season, our mythical creatures figurines and statues are always one of our most popular products. From dainty figures that can perch on your bookshelf, to large looming statues that take pride of place in your garden, we’ve got creatures of every size and shape. Many collectors visit the store looking for a new unique piece to add to their growing treasure trove of fairies or dragons, and we’re always more than happy to help! 

We recently received a new shipment of stunning fairy figurines and statues that we’re particularly enamoured with. The most spell-binding thing about these pieces is that they all have distinctive personalities and seem to tell a deeper story - the more you look at the details, the more your imagination starts to whir!

In this month’s blog, we shine a spotlight on a few of our most unique fairies. All our statues are cold-cast in polyresin and are individually painted.

Mirtesse Fairy with Snow Leopard

This gorgeous statue is the perfect adornment for the approaching winter months. Like many of our fairies, Mirtesse has an animal companion alongside her - a formidable snow leopard. We think that the intriguing thing about this piece is the contrast between the snow leopard’s snarl and Mirtesse’s serene expression, which seems to beautifully capture the contrasts of winter itself. Hand-painted details like the fur texture and tattooed curlicues on Mirtesse’s arms all add to the charm and realism of the statue.

Measurements: 16" tall to wing; 16" base

Fairy and Unicorn

This elegant piece is definitely an eye-catcher, and is perfect for all the unicorn lovers out there. The beautiful lavender-clad fairy and her unicorn companion seem to mirror each other - both have their eyes cast down to the ground, and the fairy’s gown drapes onto the grass in an identical fashion to the unicorn’s tail. This careful design implies that the fairy and her unicorn are reflections of each other. More intriguing still are their sombre expressions - are they sad, thoughtful, remorseful? Like all the pieces in our collection, there’s a deeper story to be found here.

Measurements: 14" tall; 13" wide

Celestial Star Fairy

We can just imagine this dreamy piece perched by someone’s bedside table! This celestial star fairy looks like she’s come straight from the heavens or the world of dreams, draped in midnight blue with moonlight-gold adornments. The gold star she sits on gives the impression it can grant wishes or bring good luck. This piece would definitely evoke an atmosphere of peace and positivity to any space it’s placed in, and could serve as a good luck charm or summoner of sweet dreams.

Measurements: 15" tall, 9" across the base

Fairy and Undead Dragon

This is the perfect piece for those who like their fairies a little more Gothic. This fairy’s dragon companion is no ordinary dragon - it’s been resurrected from the depths of the underworld! Skilled hand-painted detail has brought this spooky dragon skeleton to life, and you can almost hear its mighty roar as it opens its jaws. In contrast, the elegant fairy is clad in delicate wispy blues and casts her eyes upwards, which suggests an interesting link between the underworld and the heavens. If you can’t decide where your allegiance lies - in the world of fairy or the world of dragons - then this piece lets you have both.

Measurements: 10.5" tall

Kateri Animal Spirit Fairy

While we often see Celtic animal symbols in our fairy pieces, this gorgeous fairy is a special embodiment of North American spirituality. Kateri’s animal companions are a wolf and an eagle, proud symbols of North America and its ancestors. Kateri is carefully dressed in earthy autumnal colours, looking as if she’s sprung from the ground herself. This piece would speak to people with a connection to animals, nature and the legacy of the land, and would look gorgeous on a mantlepiece or seasonal altar.

Measurements: 12.5" tall, 10.5" wide

Pregnant Fairy with Rabbit and Squirrel

This sweet piece is the perfect gift for expectant mothers. It’s quite rare and special to find pregnant fairy statues, and this one perfectly encapsulates the joy and anticipation of new life. The fairy mother-to-be appears to be contemplating something serenely, perhaps imagining the beautiful future she’s going to have with her little one. The accompanying baby animals, green grass, flowers and bright purple details are all symbols of spring, a season connected with birth and new beginnings. 

Measurements: 6" tall

 These are just a few of the distinctive pieces we've got in our Fairy collection, and we truly believe there's a perfect statue for every personality - summery or wintery, ethereal or Gothic, joyful or fierce. We've also got fairy trinket boxes, bubble riders, and more. You can take a look at our full collection below, and please get in touch if there's a particular type of fairy you're looking for that might not be in stock.


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