Creating a Home Sanctuary
May 10, 2020

Creating a Home Sanctuary


It goes without saying that these are difficult times. The world has changed in the last few months, and most of our daily lives have been affected in one way or another by the pandemic.

Now more than ever, it’s important that your home is a space full of creature comforts and calming energy. Here are a few ways that you can create a home sanctuary for yourself and add a touch of magic to everyday life.


Candles, Incense and Essential Oils

For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for bringing a sense of calm and relaxation into your home. A beautiful candle or oil burner serves a dual purpose of helping make a space look snug and cosy while filling the air with therapeutic aromas. 

We have a number of lovely candles in stock, in both votive and chime designs. Our scents range from traditional calming fragrances like lavender and vanilla, to special symbolic blends for happiness or protection.

Essential oils are one of the most versatile aromatherapy tools. They can be burnt in lamps or diffusers, added to your evening bath, or even utilised in beauty products. From cinnamon to bergamot, rosemary to peppermint, you’ll hopefully find your favorite scent in our selection.

Lighting incense is another powerful way of bringing the magic of scent into your home. The heady, smoky scent of incense is used in cultures the world over to heal, cleanse and open spiritual faculties. We’ve got a variety of incense sticks, conesresins and even our new unique backflow incense to suit your needs.

View our full aromatherapy collection here or read more about the magic of scent here.


Sage Smudges and Palo Santo

For Cleansing 


If you’re looking to create a space free of negative energies, sage smudges and Palo Santo wood are ideal tools for cleansing. Sage is well known for its cleansing properties, while mystical Palo Santo wood from South America is widely believed to calm and heal both the mind and body. Burning sage or Palo Santo sticks will help purify your home and keep bad energies at bay. 

We have a variety of sage and Palo Santo products in our collection here. You can also read more about smudging in our previous blog post here.


Singing Bowls

For Stress Relief and Meditation


Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls are commonly used throughout Asia in Buddhist ceremonial and spiritual practices. They work similarly to a bell, emitting a rich tone and deep vibration when played correctly. The sound and vibration have been known to abet feelings of stress and to balance the body’s energy.

The harmonising effect of singing bowls can be useful during meditation, yoga, and other home rituals to summon clarity and calm. The singing bowls we currently have in our collection here are made of brass and come with a wooden mallet for use.


Ornamental Crystals

For Light and Colour


Our hanging crystal prisms are a beautiful way of projecting light and colour into your sanctuary. When hung in a window, they capture light from outside and cast the room in a splendid spectrum of rainbow colours—perfect for bringing the outside world in! Prisms are also powerful symbols of spiritual energy, creativity and mysticism.

We have several different sizes of crystals in our collection, with diametres ranging from 20mm to 50mm. All crystals come complete with a brace and string for ease of hanging.

We also have a gorgeous Chakra 'Flower of Life' glass crystal set - a stunning centrepiece, adding light, colour and chakra energy to your home.



For Mindfulness


And lastly...we can’t forget our glorious puzzles! Puzzles have had a resurgence lately, with families and friends all gathered at home looking for a relaxing, mindful way to pass the hours. Puzzles help to gently work your mind while easing away your worries. They also give you a sense of quiet triumph when you’re finished, and you end up with a beautiful piece of art to brighten the room.

In typical Dragonspace fashion, the puzzles in our collection are all fantasy, mythology, spirituality and nature themed, from dragons to goddesses. We’ve even got some fun pop culture sets, with Harry Potter and Game of Thrones themes.


Hopefully these suggestions help you to create a beautiful relaxing space in your life that can be a sanctuary in these difficult times. Be sure to surround yourself with things that make you smile, feel safe, and remind you that there’s still magic out there.

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