Five Different Types of Witches (With Quiz!)
April 07, 2018

Five Different Types of Witches (With Quiz!)

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know that “witches” aren’t your typical crone-like figure riding a broomstick and cackling into the night (well, not always, anyway).

Witchcraft is a beautiful and spiritual practice that’s followed by people from all walks of life. And naturally, there are different “types” of witches, depending on what parts of the practice resonate with you most.

Some Wiccan practitioners believe there can be up to fifteen different types of witches, but here, we want to focus on five common types and what sets them apart. And after, you’ll have a chance to do a special quiz to determine what type of witch you are!

Green Witch

Green Witches are deeply connected to Mother Earth and the natural world. They worship trees, plants and flowers, and use botanicals heavily in their magical practice. In fact, Green Witches can actually be split further into two categories: Flora Witches (who favour the use of flowers in their magic) and Herb Witches (who favour the use of herbs).

Green Witches often choose to physically step out into nature to perform their magical rituals. They might head to the forest, the garden or even a special tree in the backyard. Many Green Witches look to the wisdom of the Druids for guidance, as these ancient Celtic leaders also had an affinity with trees and their spiritual power.

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Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches are sorceresses of the domestic sphere! While the kitchen and spiritual cookery form a large part of the Kitchen Witch’s practice, they’re not confined to the kitchen alone. They’ll engage in all kinds of practical magic related to the home, whether that’s protective spells and charms to make the home a sacred space, or rituals for cleaning and purification. Cooking-wise, Kitchen Witches are known for dishing up mindful recipes that enhance the body from the inside-out.

The thing that sets Kitchen Witches apart is that they focus on the practical elements of witchcraft, and are known for transforming the mundane into the magical.

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Hedge Witch

Hedge Witches are known for being able to communicate with the “Otherworld”, or the spirit realm. They balance the fine line between this world and the next, and are able to deliver messages from one to the other through their magical practice.

Hedge Witches are also associated with folk magic and healing. By using the power of the spiritual realm, Hedge Witches become powerful healers and advisors within their communities. They’re closely connected to shamans, and their rituals and techniques might reflect those of shamanic tradition.

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 Dianic Witch

Dianic Witches are full of feminine energy, centring their practice on the Goddess and all She implies. Traditionally, the Goddess is comprised of three parts - The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone - and Dianic Witches worship and embrace the Goddess in all her forms.

Dianic Witches are named after Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature. However, it’s not Diana specifically that these Witches worship - rather, it’s the concept of the Goddess in Her purest and wholest form. Values that are key to Dianic Witchcraft are freedom, independence, healing and creativity. The moon and its cycles are also integral to Dianic practices. 

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Eclectic Witch

True to their name, Eclectic Witches don’t confine themselves to one particular brand of witchcraft. They might choose to adopt bits and pieces of various crafts into their own, or they might simply call on their own intuition and personal power to guide their magical practice.

Eclectic Witches tend to be quite solitary, as they don’t have a traditional “community” of witches to join like the other branches of collective witchcraft. However, witchcraft, Neo-paganism and Wicca all tend to be quite welcoming communities, so Eclectic Witches will be able to find companions in the wider community if she desires!

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So, now that you know a little more about these five different types of witches, are you ready to take our quiz to find out which type you are? Let us know if your result seems accurate, and feel free to share with your friends!


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