Product Spotlight: Magic Wands
January 08, 2019

Product Spotlight: Magic Wands

Good news for all you wand-wielding witches and wizards out there - our popular magic wands are currently in stock.

These distinctive wands are hand-crafted by Albertan wand-maker Darlene Musser from sturdy pewter, and are embedded with gemstones carefully selected for their spiritual properties.

We wrote a little about the history and purpose of magic wands in a previous blog post - Wondering About Wands? In this, we talked about how to choose the right wand for your practice and how they might be used. 

One of the most distinctive features of Darlene's wands are the gemstones that feature in the handles and points. Crystals and gemstones are widely known for their magical properties, whether healing, protective, psychic, creative or otherwise. The inclusion of gemstones in these wands amplifies their energy, and also helps to focus their purpose.

Here, we're featuring some of our favourite new wands from Darlene and what we find special about them. If you see one that calls to you, get in quick, as these never last long on the shelves.

“I specialize in creating items of purposeful beauty. My magical wands are of the finest craftsmanship and created with powerful intention. These quality metaphysical tools are a reminder of the magic within every one of us. The stones contained in any one magic wand may amplify certain characteristics within you, such as personal power or mental clarity.” - Darlene

Crystal Wand

This wand might look quite simple, but it holds a powerful energy. The crystal glass used in its creation is a powerful channel of transformation, clarity, communication and healing. White or clear-colored crystals are symbols of light and cleansing. The bold shapes of the crystals - the round grounding stone and the sharp pointing stone - are strong and assured, giving the bearer a clear sense of purpose. 

Fertility Wand


As its name suggests, this delicate wand is ideal for rituals related to fertility. The grounding stone of this wand is a gorgeous green jade, which is known for restoring the balance in the reproductive and fertility cycle for both women and men.The tiger's eye in the wand's point is also known for stimulating fertility and attracting positive energy into the home. 'Fertility' can be related to the physical body, or it might be interpreted in a more abstract sense, in terms of creativity, wealth or vitality. 

Transformational Empowerment Wand

The design of this wand is suited to big life changes and powerful creation, particularly within your own mind and spirit. A handle of yellow and red tiger's eye connects you with your psychic abilities and attracts positive energy into your life. A stunning obsidian point protects against blockers, obstacles or negative energy and cuts through the fray to help you achieve your goals. This is a wand of real courage and power. 

Mother Earth Wand

Lovers of nature and the earth element will feel a strong pull towards this wand. Large and sturdy, it features colours that evoke the spirit of Mother Earth - deep oranges and greens. A handle of desert jasper helps to ground and stabilise, while the green adventurine in the point is a powerful heart stone. This is a wand of warmth, abundance, creativity and imagination. It could be used in nature spells, Wheel of Life celebrations and elemental magic. 

Amethyst Wand

This would be a perfect wand for beginners to wand magic and ritual. Amethyst is a powerful stone that awakens psychic and spiritual abilities, and is also linked to creativity and the imagination. An amethyst both in the grounding stone and the pointer doubles the energy of this wand. It's also embedded with small chips of bright howlite, which is a stone of calm and positivity.

Intuitive Awareness Wand

This is a powerfully feminine wand, ideal for those who are wanting to harness the feminine energy in their life and open up their psychic and intuitive abilities. Amethyst opens up the intuitive faculties, while rose quartz embodies love on all levels, including self-love and self-confidence. This wand will help you to open yourself to your many possibilities and reach your fullest potential.

Angelic Loving Assistance Wand

If you want to welcome love, warmth and nurturing energy into your life, then this is the ideal wand for you. With a powerful point of rose quartz, this wand directs loving energy into your practice. The handle also features chips of chalcedony and selenite - powerful healers - as well as rainbow moonstone, often associated with goddess energy. This is a wand for generosity, kindness, charity, love and emotional balance.


These are just a few of the beautiful wands in the collection - you can view all of them hereIs there a wand that's calling to you? Perhaps you're drawn to the mystical energy of the amethyst, or the grounding nature of jasper. If you're in the Vancouver area, be sure to pop in to the store to have a look at the collection in person, or feel free to call or email to find out more. These gorgeous tools are a valuable asset to any magical collection, and are sure to inspire and empower.